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1 According to Lynn's website, the nickname "Clyde" was given by friends of his brother Dennis Lee Duckworth during the years when they worked together at Dennis's floor cleaning service AKA Hoppies Floor Cleaning. At the time Dennis drove a 66 Cadillac and pulled a big old u-haul trailer. One of the friends said, "You two make an entrance like Bonnie & Clyde." I responded, "I'm Clyde!" and it stuck. DUCKWORTH, Lynn Vern (I1748)
2 Born at 2:34pm, 8lbs, 1 oz at Avera St. Lukes hospital in South Dakota. NUTTALL, Morgan Elaine (I1749)
3 Cause of death due to childbirth. Family F554
4 Cemetery records indicate her age was 61 yrs 10 months. BARLOW, Mary (I0032)
5 Graduated from New Lisbon High School in 1932. NUTTALL, Lucille Avina (I0069)
6 Juneau County Genealogical Society's cemetery book indicates Susan was 72.5 years of age when she died, hence the estimation of birth "about July 1821". CURE, Susan M. (I0024)
7 Killed in action, World War II as an Army Sgt, Co. A, 44 Armd Inf, 2nd Armd Div. NUTTALL, Donald G. (I0072)
8 life is definitely different with 3 kids. madison is a good helper for the most part. she likes to help feed and burp her sister and will usually get you something if you need it.
mitchell still isn't real sure about the whole thing.
he's been the baby for 2 years, so things are tough for him. he does help once in a great while and is very protective of his baby. miss miranda is growing she now weighs in at 9 lbs 9 ozs. she has already made her first trip to the doctor. she has a cracked clavical(the left one)and doesn't move her arm very much. it happened when she was born, but it just took a while for it to show up. the doctor told us that she must have moved her arm just right and now it bothers her. the only thing to do for her is give her tylenol and try to keep her arm still. she seems to be adjusting quite well and the crack will heal on it's own. as for mommy and daddy, we are trying to adjust too. we have had some late nights trying to get everyone to bed and get everything else done. some days we wonder what sleep is and if we will every get caught up doing the things we need to do like laundry, dishes.....

Mother's notes by e-mail around Nov 3, 2005. 
NUTTALL, Miranda Emily (I1660)
9 Mitchell is definitely all boy. Anything and everything he can get into the better. He loves to be outside and get dirty. I just cringe when he comes in. Dirt from head to toe! Of course he loves to pick on his sister too. He has really had a thing for baby cows. We have three calves here in town and he wants to go by them at least twice a day.

Mother's notes via e-mail around 9 June 2005 
NUTTALL, Mitchell Andrew (I1097)
10 NUTTALL, Jerry, 64, of Nashville, Tennessee, passed away August 23, 2015. He was preceded in death by his Father, Norman R. Nuttall and his Mother, Joyce M. Nuttall.

He is survived by his wife, Pat Harris-Nuttall; sons, Jerred, Jimmy, David & Ramsey; daughters, Sherrie, Courtney, Kim, Karie & Kendra; brother, Ron (Terrie) Nuttall; many grandchildren & great grandchildren.

Jerry had been employed at Leatherwood, Inc. for over thirteen years. He was a former Councilman for the City of Mauston, Wisconsin and a Emergency Medical Technician for Mauston Hospital. He was a Navy veteran during the Vietnam Era, a member of the National Rifle Assosciation and the American Legion Post 82.

A Celebration of life will be held 1pm Saturday at Phillips-Robinson Funeral Home with visitation from 11am to 1pm. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Wounded Warrior Project.

PHILLIPS-ROBINSON FUNERAL HOME, 2707 Gallatin Rd.,, 615-262-3312.

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NUTTALL, Gerald Norman (I0246)
11 She weighed 9 lbs and 2 ozs and was 20 1/2 inches long. Her sister (Madison) was excited and her brother (Mitchell) still isn't too sure about her yet. She is the first of the 3 to have dark hair and eyes. She is a very quiet baby.

Her mother's notes by e-mail around Oct 28, 2005. 
NUTTALL, Miranda Emily (I1660)
12 Some old published accounts say birth YEAR was 1807. NUTTALL, Joseph H. (I0025)